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Texarkana's economy is driven by agriculture and the city's position as a crossroads of three major Interstate highways: Interstate 30 (I-30), I-49 and the future I-69. Its re-establishment sprung only from the sale of town lots in Texarkana in 1873. Efforts of the young town to be incorporated were not realized until October 17, 1880, nearly seven years after Texarkana, Texas (June 12, 1874), was formed. Druhá polovica, mesto Texarkana v Arkansase, leží na opačnej strane ulice State Line Avenue. Define Texarkana. Texarkana synonyms, Texarkana pronunciation, Texarkana translation, English dictionary definition of Texarkana. A city of extreme northeast Texas adjacent to Texarkana, Arkansas. However, in Texarkana, there are few places to eat. Restaurants close there frequently as residents leave whatever restaurants are there for whatever the latest chain has opened. Interstate Highway 30 (I-30) runs through north Texarkana and serves as part of the city's loop. US Route 71 (US-71) enters from Shreveport, Louisiana in the south and continues to Ft.

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